(A biography of a boy and his comics)

Part Two- The Growing Collection

By Glenn Andrews

So after only my first serious (I can’t count Donald Duck or Bugs Bunny) comic book, I was hooked. It was a Batman comic, or should I say Batman and Robin featured in Detective Comics.
One of the amazing things about these strange new “comics” as they were called was that they had numbers on them. Once I figured the numbering system out, I knew I had to get them all, from the present number on backwards to number one as well as the present number on to infinity. And infinity was the right word as far as I was concerned, since how could anyone not put out these “neat” books forever. Of course I found out later that this would be the beginning of what would be considered “collecting” comics. But at the time, I had just one and all I knew was that I needed more, and the little coming attraction box helped provide me with information.
vI never really knew that although comic books were monthly, that comics were coming out at the drugstore every week. I just followed the little half-page ads that showed three tiny pictures of upcoming comic books with the little “On Sale April 15th” or whatever the date might have been. Along those lines though, I was very proud to see one of my favorite comics, The Demon #1 by Jack Kirby, “On Sale June 22.” You see that was not only my birthday, but also the year I graduated. But of course that was still years in the future.
But let’s get back to my original problem though. I had my Dad take me to the drugstore in search of these new brightly colored wonderments. And there I found more than just Batman. There were all these great covers filled with mysteries and monsters. The books were titled, House of Mystery, House of Secrets and My Greatest Adventures. So now there was something else to buy besides just Batman and Robin.
But early on, as I traveled across the street with my Mom to partake in the early morning coffee with the friends from around the street thing that housewives did back then, a funny thing happened. Mrs. Formica saw that I was bored and told me she had something for me that her older son Joseph no longer wanted. She handed me a full paper garbage bag full of comic books! Now I knew there were others like me. And best of all, I got to keep these bag of paper treasures.
Looking back though, I think it strange in that of the whole bag of books that I received as a gift, I only remember one vividly. That comic had a scarecrow on the cover that was about to be shot. This fairly fast fellow by the name of the Flash, was racing to save him. It was of course, Flash #117, “The Doomed Scarecrow.”
I was fairly content just then, after all, I had most recently discovered comics, as well as finding out they were published regularly and that other people bought them. But the best was yet to come.

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