(A biography of a boy and his comics)

Part Four- Allowance and Marvel

By Glenn Andrews

It was at that spinner rack that I first came across other comics besides my beloved DC’s. I believe one of the first was a book called Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commando’s. This was a title from Marvel Comics but I didn’t know that then.
And to tell the truth, I didn’t even like the comic. The art seemed crude (it was by Jack Kirby with inking by George Bell) and I remember the main character’s face looked like a mugger. So I passed on it.
But luckily for Marvel and the money I would spend on their books in the future, I got sick one day and asked my Dad to bring me a comic book. Later that afternoon, he stated, “Here, you might like this one pal, it’s got two monsters fighting.”
Of course that turned out to be the first Hulk Thing fight in Fantastic Four #12. It seemed interesting to me and a few weeks later on a follow up to the doctor, I spotted FF #13, featuring The Red Ghost and his Super Apes. Suddenly I was “into” the crude yet slam bang action art of Jack Kirby.
A little later, when I was sick yet another time (yes, I was a fairly fragile child, health-wise) my dad brought home something called The Amazing (it was #13 with Mysterio) Spiderman. Later, on his own my dad brought me a copy of a comic with a character he remembered from his youth…Captain America! Only it was a guest star appearance from Sgt. Fury #13 (there’s that baker’s dozen again).
On my own I picked up Daredevil #8 because I thought the cool red costume and smooth art were great. Several months later, at band camp I was even introduced to The X-Men when my lower bunk mate brought a copy of #16. What a way to get introduced…with the Sentinels!
The only problem I had now was too many comics to collect. Luckily my allowance went up to a quarter so I could now purchase two comics a week. The bad part was that there were easily four to six comics a week I wanted. Juggling allowance and looking for jobs to do around the house for money would be my next task at hand.
But for so many nights I would just look at the small stack of Marvels and wonder how many more neat comics were out there on some spinner rack awaiting my purchase.
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