(A biography of a boy and his comics)

Part Six - The Loss

By Glenn Andrews

I was in my middle teens by now and the two things I loved most about life was my Dad and my comics. He'd tell me stories about some of the old ones he collected, like the original Daredevil and the Black Hood. It was interesting to find out about the older characters and someone else's perspective on them. Plus I just loved having a hobby that I could share with my Dad.
One of my biggest joys is when he took me to see a re-released Batman serial from 1943. It was over four hours long, but I loved every minute of it. When we got home that night, the t.v. guide had an article and photo of the person picked to play Batman in the new upcoming television show…Adam West.
Although my Dad and I watched it together, to our horror we found it to be a (the term "camp" would soon come up) comedy. Still, we watched as much television as we could together and he would help me collect my comics.
Until one summer day when my Mom sat me down and told me of a family decision. Someone (certainly not me) had decided that my folks were getting a divorce. I knew what the word meant, but I also knew that it happened to other people, not my parents. I would be staying and living with my Mom, who strangely enough was getting re-married right away while my Dad would live elsewhere.
Tears started welling up in my eyes but what happened next was even more horrific. My Mom slid a quarter across the table we were sitting at and said, "Here, go buy some comics, it'll make you feel better."
Silently I screamed to myself, "How can she think twenty-five cents can take away the pain of not having Dad here anymore?" I put the quarter in my pocket, saying nothing and walking for the door. But still I wondered how she thought this coin to be traded for the purchase of two comic books would equalize the suffering I was experiencing. How…how…how?
Then the collector in me took over as I felt the quarter in my pocket. I thought to myself aloud.
"A dollar would have bought me at least six more comics."
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