(A biography of a boy and his comics)

Part Seven

By Glenn Andrews

I couldn't believe it. I made it through high school intact. And I don't think I could have done it without comics in my life. Comics had even sparked the interest in me to write. And I had even done that with as much zeal as I had with collecting comics. A few years back, I had begun writing at the age of 15 for a rock and roll newspaper and it turned out I was fairly good at it. But I still had to make time for school work and comics.
Now I was out of school, was still picking up writing jobs and still collecting comics. I had just met two of the big names in comic dealing/fandom, Bill Thailing and Joe Tricarichi who just happened to live on the other side of town from me. I visited both of them and learned the correct way to collect comics, such as stretching my money further, deciding what titles first I needed and so on.
But something else I learned from the two of them…conventions. So I made plans for the fall to go to the Detroit Triple Fan Fair (now known as the Motor City Con.) I started saving money for the trip and the purchase of a large amount of comics. But of course I was still writing and buying new comics. In fact, Jack Kirby's "The Demon" #1 came out on my 18th birthday. I was overjoyed. Kirby still at the top of his game, plans to go to a major convention in a few months and I just turned 18. I guess this would no longer be the story of a boy and his comics, but one of a man and his comics. And that story will continue I think at a later date.
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