"The Inner Menace" - Part 1

by Derek Martin

The needle registering seismic activity bounced jarringly several times before the white coated scientist rushed to the measuring instrument, making sure that the data was being recorded.
"Dr Peerson, come quickly," shouted the amazed man of science.
Another white coated man, this one older and sporting a beard and spectacles, rushed to his junio partner's side.
"I don't believe it!" Peerson's jaw was noticeably open. "I've never seen results this profoundly massive."
"What are we going to do, Dr. Peerson? The tremors and aftershocks from seismic activity of this magnitude will span the globe." The youger scientist's eyes were wide as he spoke.
"Exactly," smiled Peerson, his eyes lighting with enthusiasm. "So we'll call some friends of mine known as...the Globespanners."

The husky, dark-skinned man seated behind the space jet's control's leaned to his right and spoke to the other four members of his team. "Just think, by going directly into orbit, letting the planet turn beneath us and re-entering the atmosphere, we cut several hours off our travel time."
"Your code name is Transport, isn't it?" The leader of the team, Major Honcho, unbuckled his seat belt, rose from his chair and places himself next to his second in command in the co-pilot's seat. The leader, who looked like he had worked out every day of his life after being born in a gym, leaned back in his chair, rubbed his left hand through his thick, brown hair and pulled a cell phone from the pocket of his army fatigues.
"I'm calling the president for the exact location." His statement was made to no one in particular but at the same time everyone.
The blonde, curly-haired young man in the cowboy hat, code named Lasso, sat next to the thin man with the helmet, goggles and sniper rifle, named Crosshairs. The pair looked over to their right and saw their gangly partner in the white smock, named PC, short for personal computer. PC touched the many command buttons located on his special multi-purpose remote. He aimed the device through the window of the aircraft and pointed a laser measuring beam towards the ground below.
"I think I know where we can land," began PC, "How about right next to the two hundred yard wide, twelve mile deep hole below us."


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