"The Inner Menace" - Part 3

by Derek Martin

"We need light!" Honcho bellowed a mere split second after the flying platforms seemed to stabilize.
"Way ahead of you," shouted back PC as he fingered a button on his multi-remote. Instantly light beams began shooting from the nozzle of his remote, criss-crossing the width of the tunnel until the entire stone and earth shaft was illuminated.
It was with that light that the Globespanners saw Lasso falling.
"Got'em," stated Crosshairs to no one in particular. He already had his rifle unslung from his shoulder and had fired a set of unusual bolos from its barrel.
Within seconds, the bolos caught up to lasso, the rope part wrapping themselves around his waist. Next, the weighted balls unhinged themselves, transforming into metal spikes and with compressed air jets shooting from their new undersides, blasted into opposite directions from one another until they were both buried into the sides of the tunnel. There was a loud noise that sounded like, "Sproinnng," as Lasso dangled between the two sides of the tunnel wall.
Transport shouted out next. "I've got his platform under remote control. It'll be here in a second."
No sooner had he finished speaking, than the platform came floating up beneath Lasso's feet. The rope twirling cowboy pulled a jackknife from his pocket and cut the rope holding him safely in place between the two shaft walls. He gently fell the six inches to the floor of his floating platform.
"Thanks Pardner." Lasso smiled and tipped his hat as he spoke.
"Anytime," replied Crosshairs.
"Come on team, remember we're on a mission." Honcho pointed down and as he did, all five of the floating platforms began descending again at a rapid pace.
Minutes later, the light beams from all five handlebars showed the floor of the shaft. It was solid dirt and rock.
"This is the origin of the seismic activity," began PC, "but there's nothing here." He stepped from his floating platform and began waving his hand-held remote device from side to side. "And it's solid rock in every direction."
"Then spread out for a visual check," commanded Honcho. "Maybe we need to collect our data the old fashioned way."
No sooner had the words left his mouth though, than massive vibrations began emitting from the walls. The vibrations were strong enough make the Globespanners begin to lose their balance.
Honcho cupped his hands to his mouth and began to shout instructions to his team when a bright light exploded within the tunnel and suddenly the Globespanners had vanished!


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