"The Inner Menace" - Part 4

by Derek Martin

The blinding flash of light enveloped them all and it seemed like several minutes before the tunnel around them stopped spinning. Honcho was the first of the team to regain his senses. He looked around the cave floor to find it somehow different.
"Anyone hurt?" He bellowed the orders across the cave floor.
One by one, the team picked themselves up and dusted themselves off. PC quickly checked his remote wrist device and began waving his arm in all directions.
"I'm fine, but I don't think we're in the same tunnel anymore, according to this scan I'm executing."
"Too many rocks and boulders around," agreed Transport as the nearby Lasso and Crosshairs began checking out their weapons. "The other tunnel was smooth."
Just then, Honcho's communicator beeped. He answered it only to find Prof. Peerson on the other end of the wireless line. Honcho nodded his head a few times and muttered a few words before signing off.
"Peerson just called to tell us that the earthquakes are getting worse, they seem to be stretching out all over the Globe, but in a certain pattern as if they were all going to meet in an epicenter in this general…"
His words were cut off as the cave floor beneath them shook violently. The five team members were thrown to their feet once more.
"Seven point five on the Richter scale," shouted out PC from flat on his back, while still checking his wrist monitor. "But only for two seconds."
As he finished his report the five team members saw the far wall begin to glow and shimmer. Slowly a figure from within the light began to take shape, taking steps towards them.
"Put your weapons on stun," commanded Honcho to his men.
"Right," agreed Crosshairs sarcastically as he pushed the button on his rifle stock to the designation marked non-lethal. "Let's go "Star Trek" on that thing, so that no form of life may be harmed in any way."
The Globespanners readied their weapons as they took cover behind the nearby boulders and waited.


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