"The Inner Menace" - Part 5

by Derek Martin

The assistant to Prof. Peerson raced up to him holding scientific data that had just finished printing itself. He rustled the papers before his superior’s face.
“Had you forgotten these, Prof.?”
“No,” replied the esteemed scientist. “These printouts were only confirming my fears over the last month or so.”
“What are those fears, sir?” The science intern interrupted Peerson politely.
“It concerns the earthquakes we’ve been having.” The elderly scientist paused before continuing. “Almost by accident I’ve found that this type of phenomenon has already occurred six other times, once on the planet Pluto, then on Uranus…”
“And the quakes are making their way, planet hopping in order across our galaxy!” The younger man’s jaw almost dropped as he spoke.
“Yes,” spoke Peerson again. “And although no permanent damage was recorded through our laser probes on those other planets, I had to ask the Globespanners to check out the weird tunnels and quakes, once they began to appear on Earth. I only hope they’re safe.”

The glowing stopped and an alien life form stood before the team pointing some form of hand held device at them.
“Take cover,” yelled Honcho to the team.
A ball of glowing energy emitted from the creature’s hand held device and headed in the direction of the Globespanners. Honcho and Transport dove to their right, while Lasso and Crosshairs ducked behind some boulders. PC, finding no immediate cover just fell flat to the cave floor as the energy ball went overhead.
Just then, three more bright lights originated from the far side of the cave and more creatures like the first stepped from their glow. The alien beings were all holding metal devices at the end of their appendages, just like the first creature was. All of the devices were pointed straight at the Globespanners.
“I think we’re in for a fight,” shouted Honcho


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