"The Inner Menace" - Part 6

by Derek Martin

The alien creatures stood before the Globespanners, all brandishing their spherical objects before them. Tendrils of light pulled away from the orbs while other multicolored beams just shot out from the circular devices as if they had been fired from a gun.
"Remember," shouted out Honcho to the team, "set weapons to only stun."
"You're the boss," replied Crosshairs as he clicked the "stun" button on his weapon but then fingered the "automatic fire" button next to it.
Dozens of slugs seemed to pour from the members weapons in the general direction of the aliens, but to no avail. The many creatures remained stoic in their steadfast stance before the members of the team.
"Cover me," yelled out Lasso as he leapt out from behind his rock and charged the nearest alien life-form. Within seconds the cowboy of the group tackled the nearest alien, sending him sprawling to the ground with his sphere still in hand.
"Lasso's got the right idea," bellowed Honcho as he jumped out from behind his cover and charged the aliens. "Dodge the light beams and bull rush them!"
No sooner had the remaining members of the Globespanners emerged from behind cover than they all began to float, stuck in space just a few feet off the ground.
Meanwhile the alien that Lasso had tackled raised a finger on his right hand and made it twitch back and forth momentarily. As the finger stopped, Lasso was thrown back away from his position to join his teammates hovering over the ground.
Another alien lowered its head slightly and the adventure team went flying by the creatures and came to a halt at the end of a tunnel that opened into a cavern that was easily as big as the Grand Canyon. The cavern was divided into two chambers by a thirty foot wide wall of stone that ran from the floor to the ceiling, many miles above them.
One of the creatures then walked towards PC and brushed his forehead with the back of its hand.
PC screamed once and his body then sagged as if he had died, still floating a few feet off of the ground.

To Be Concluded...

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