"The Inner Menace" - Part 7

by Derek Martin

The ringing of the cell phone clipped to his belt awoke team leader Honcho. As he pulled himself from the ground where he lay, he saw Lasso, Transport and Crosshairs stirring, while PC stood several feet away, his hands tucked under his arms as if he were fighting off a shivering cold wind.
“Honcho, here.” The team leader spoke into the phone only to hear Professor Peerson congratulate him and the Globespanners on a job well done. Honcho mumbled something into the mouthpiece and hung up.
“What happened here?” The leader questioned his teammates, most of whom were picking themselves up from the ground.
“I follow you boss,” shot back Lasso, “I remember tackling that alien, then it was lights out.”
“I remember getting struck by some light beam and becoming frozen.” Transport stretched his arms and legs as if to test any further stiffness in his joints.
“Yeah,” added Crosshairs, “I couldn’t even get another shot off.”
“You know anything about this, PC?” Honcho directed his question at his teammate who continued to quietly shake several feet away from the others.
PC said nothing at first, remembering only the beam of light that froze them all motionless. He then remembered the story that unfolded instantly within his, and seemingly only his, brain. His thoughts went back to the underground cavern that was as large as the Grand Canyon, with a thirty foot wide dividing wall right down the middle of the space.
In his mind PC saw the aliens release some form of gas into each side of the dividing wall. Just as quickly, all of the seismic tremors throughout the world stopped. The creature called themselves the “Care-Warders.” It seemed that thousands of years ago in another galaxy, nine gigantic criminals were captured and sentenced to exile and induced hibernation. Over the centuries, space silt and debris collected over the huddled up forms of the criminals until literally they held enough mass and gravity that they formed into planets…the nine planets of our galaxy!
The tremors and earthquakes were the prisoners waking up and beginning to stretch, while the thirty foot wide dividing wall between the giant cavern spaces were the prisoner’s nostrils where the “Care-Warders” were re-administering the life sentence via the sleep gas.
“Come on,” shouted Honcho. “Doc Peerson says we saved the day, but we didn’t do anything! We get transported back to the Earth’s surface and even the twelve mile deep hole is gone without a trace. I think you know something, so give.”
PC thought of the entire history of mankind building up civilizations here on the planet while in reality, mankind was nothing more than a billion aphids existing on the outer reaches of a giant ball of leaves covering a gigantic, intelligent life-form.
“Let’s just say the aliens were benevolent and that the Earth is safe.” PC turned away from the others. “Believe me, you wouldn’t believe anything else.”

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