"School of Crime" - Part 4

by Derek Martin

After peeping through the basement window and finding a school of crime in session, Happy snuck around to the back door and found his way into the house. Within a few minutes he negotiated a nearby stairwell and arrived at the doorway to the basement classroom.
He watched for a few minutes as the man in the cap and gown, holding the pointer, delivered a speech to his three pupils, all of which Happy recognized as the thieves from the alley the night before.
“Your bungled job last night might have cost you a grade, boys. The “Headmaster of Hate is not happy.”
The smiley faced hero took that moment to burst in through the door. “No, you might not be happy, but I am.”
“Welcome,” spoke the bird-like man in the cap and gown in a way that showed no surprise at all. “My name is Dean Mean.” He then turned towards his pupils and stated plainly, “Get him boys!”
The first man charged Happy, but the friendly crime-fighter dodged him, pushing him towards the wall at the same time. The man hit his head on the chalkboard and fell unconscious.
“The sound of chalk on a chalkboard is bad enough, but the sound of a bald head on a chalkboard is terrible,” laughed Happy as he held his hands to the sides of his head.
The second thug came at him, but Happy flung erasers at his face forming a cloud of chalk dust around the thug’s head. The man coughed uncontrollably and crumpled to the ground wheezing.
For a micro second, Happy felt the pointer tapping him on the foam material that made up his smiling headpiece. In the next second, he felt a jolt go through him and he was knocked off of his feet.
Moments later he rolled over and saw both Dean Mean and the third criminal walking towards him, one reaching out his massive hands, the other about to prod him with the deadly pointer.

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