"School of Crime" - Part 4

by Derek Martin

Happy, the smiling, friendly super-hero, lie flat on his back. He had been shocked off of his feet by Dean Mean, the Headmaster of Hate who ran a school for crime, as he used his electrically charged pointer on him.
He shook his head to clear his senses and noticed that the last of the three of Mean's thugs was approaching him from his left, while Dean Mean crept menacingly towards him from his right.
As the two converged on the hero, Happy reached up, grabbed the balding thug's arm and pulled it across his chest until it touched the pointed end of Dean Mean's electrical rod.
A loud zapping sound filled the room as the bad guy fell unconscious to the floor. Meanwhile, Happy kicked the pointer out of the evil headmaster's hand and smiled as it went spinning through the air towards the ceiling.
Enraged, Dean Mean reached towards Happy with both hands, but the friendly super hero stuck out both feet and kept the teacher of crime just out of reach as his legs were longer than the Headmaster of hate's arms.
"Why don't you get off your back and fight, you grinning rascal?" Dean Mean was livid as he shouted.
"Because I'd rather let gravity do the fighting for me." Happy spoke so nonchalantly.
Just then, the electric pointer fell from near the ceiling and grazed Dean Mean's head, shocking him to the point where he fell nicely asleep next to his already knocked out pupils.
After rising from the floor, Happy found a rope in the cupboard and quickly tied up the foursome. And as the quartet began stirring, Happy spoke loudly throughout the room.
"No graduation for anyone here. There'll be summer school for all until you four learn that it's not right to commit a crime!

The End.
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