The Vampire Gazette

Chapter 1
"A Daily for the Undead"

by Chris Lambert

Black and White character sketch

The girl's sharp teeth hovered over the young man's neck momentarily before they moved upward and bit gently into his lower earlobe. The action brought an immediate response.
"Hey, Temma, we're trying to work here, or at least I am." Twenty-five year old Joshua Kinder pulled one hand away from the computer keyboard to rub his ear vigorously, jostling his sandy-colored medium length hair style as he did.
Blonde-haired, twenty-four year old Temma Grazitt plopped down in Josh's lap and tugged the pair of plastic fangs out from her mouth. She playfully shook them in front of her friend's face before replying.
"Well it's getting pretty late, can't we knock it off for this evening, or at least put on the Goth outfits and fake teeth and hit some of the vampire clubs. Maybe we could get another interview for the paper or something."
"I think we have enough of those for the next few editions and I really don't like wasting Mr. Keys's money." Josh made a motion for Temma to get up with his still free hand.
"I think we give our boss his moneys worth just like I try to make my editor happy as well." She leaned forward, placing the plastic fangs back in her mouth as she did and started to bite Josh's neck. "Now just sit back and relax, after all, this is supposed to be a daily for the undead."
"No, it's a weekly if you remember correctly, and we don't have to be dead to write it, just uncover the dirt on the undead." Joshua's face softened as he spoke the last few words of the sentence. He began a rare giggle as Temma interrupted.
"Uncover the dirt on the undead," Temma snickered aloud as she repeated the phrase. "Josh Kinder just made a joke."
Just then, the two reporters turned their heads as they heard a knock on the glass paned front door. A moment later the door silently swung open as if by its own accord. A man who appeared to be in his mid forties, well groomed and wearing a plain dark trench coat over a plain dark suit, pants and tie stood erect right at the edge of the entrance.
"May I come in?" The question was spoken softly but could be heard throughout the small office.
"Who are you and what do you…" Josh never finished the sentence before Temma leapt up from Kinder's lap and beckoned the stranger inside.
"Please do sir." She gave a large smile before she realized that her plastic fangs were protruding and slipped them out of her mouth and into her pocket.
"Why did you do that, we know nothing of this man." Josh pleaded with his female partner, his hands outstretched as if he were trying to make an important point.
Temma looked at Josh apologetically and stated in a quiet voice. "I don't know, I really don't. The look on her face showed real consternation.
The man entered through the doorway giving his name as he did. "My name is Dr. Sanguin and I'm a big fan of your newspaper. You see…I'm a vampire."


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