The Vampire Gazette

Chapter 2
"Vampire Request"

by Chris Lambert

"Right, you're a vampire and I'm Count Dracula." Josh chuckled in disbelief as he rose from his chair.
"Then show us your fangs." Temma added to the inquisition.
"I can't," replied the doctor, "fangs are a bit much in my current state, you see, I'm a touch of a mutated vampire."
"Mutated?" Josh was ready to throw the thin, forty or early fifty something man out the door.
"I'm a mutate, or mutant if you will, because of this," answered the medical man as he withdrew a small glass vial from his coat pocket. "This serum helps keep my vampirism in check."
"A cure?" Miss Grazitt let a quizzical look spread across her face as she made the statement. But as soon as she made it, she tucked thick strands of her long strawberry blonde hair behind her ears in a nervous gesture.
"Not a full cure my dear, but enough of a stop gap measure to keep me from turning into a full blown monster."
"I know we print some outlandish things in our newspaper, but this takes the ca…" The young Mr. Kinder was halted in mid sentence as Sanguin raced from the doorway to where he stood in what seemed like a mili-second, grabbing him by the throat and lifting him almost to the low ceiling with but one hand.
"I know I can't transform into a bat anymore, but would a normal human have this kind of strength?" The doctor's facial features bordered on full blown anger as he stood there holding Joshua off the floor.
As the young reporter of the undead wiggled in Sanguin's grasp, Temma quickly thrust a crucifix into the face of the doctor. She stood there rock steady waiting for a response. The young woman was surprised with the reaction she got.
"I'm still enough of a vampire to be slightly uncomfortable with that, Miss Grazitt, but on the other hand, I'm just cured enough to let you in on a little secret…I'm a Christian vampire." As he spoke, he dropped Josh gently onto the floor and massaged his neck area.
Kinder coughed once or twice before he spoke. "But you still don't like what we report on here and want to shut us down, right?"
Sanguin plucked the cross from the young woman's grasp and stared at the religious object a moment before kissing it gently then placing it on the nearby table. "On the contrary, I want you to keep doing exactly the same thing you've been doing. Report on sightings of strange and supernatural things, stir the vampire stew pot and keep those creatures of the night on their toes."
Joshua and Temma looked at one another in astonishment before turning to Doctor Sanguin and uttering the same exact phrase at the same time.

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