The Vampire Gazette

Chapter 3
"The Man Behind the Monitor"

by Chris Lambert

"Our trap has sprung." At first it didn't seem like the fifty year old slightly paunchy billionaire, Auric Keys, was talking to anyone except the monitor screen which emitted a dull glowing light into his face as he sat in the chair staring.
A moment later, from the darkness of a large room behind Keys, came a squeaking sound that confirmed there was more than the billionaire in the upper floor warehouse. The man in the bulky coat and oversized hat rose stiffly from the chair that had supported him up to a moment ago. He clicked a remote switch in his left hand and lights illuminated the far end of an open hallway. The man raised his right arm slowly as if in pain.
Several targets lined the wall and without warning one after another exploded as flames erupted from underneath the pained man's sleeve.
"Good shooting Raym---," began the wealthy man.
"You know I don't want to be called that name anymore." There was fire in the shooter's eyes as he almost screamed at Keys.
"Yes… Mr. Mech, I understand." Keys spoke almost sheepishly and under his breath as he replied. After another few moments of awkward silence, the wealthy man spoke again.
"Then go ahead and take care of the situation if you please."
Mr. Mech turned as if in great pain and walked slowly towards the elevator door. "Don't I always?" His words escaped through his lips like a snakes hiss.

"Why do I want you to continue your journalistic pursuits of all things supernatural? Dr. Sanguin reiterated the words aloud of the two young writers so as to make sure everyone was talking on the same subject.
"I hate to say this, but you two people, in fact this very paper, makes this place the perfect trap." He paused a moment to let his words sink in to the young couple before speaking again.
"We need to trap these vampires so that we can cure them, like I've cured myself."
Josh and Temma were spellbound as they listened to the older man in front of them.
Just then the back door opened and in stepped Mr. Mech through the archway. He raised his right arm as he was about to shoot and spoke harshly.
"Death is the only cure I know for vampirism."
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