The Vampire Gazette

Chapter 4
"A Change of Mind"

by Chris Lambert

A spray emitted from Mr. Mech’s sleeve and the moisture instantly enveloped Dr. Sanguins’ face. He chocked momentarily, then leaned back against the nearby desk and steadied himself. He coughed once very quickly then stood erect once more and stared straight into Mech’s steely gaze.
Mech gave a puzzled look which was unusually odd for him since he prided himself on being strictly and almost always in command. He lowered his arm which contained all of his trick weapons and uttered only one short sentence of disbelief.
“I don’t understand?” His arm came down completely to his side and he spoke again. “That mist was made up of one hundred per cent holy water and should have burned your face and had you gasping in pain on the floor.”
“That’s because I’m a hybrid, half human half vampire, so while the water is refreshing and certainly appreciated for its religious connotation, it’s not going to send me fleeing into the night back to my undead clan.”
“But you were a vampire or at least are partially a vampire.” The comment from Mech was more of a query waiting to be answered rather than a statement.
Temma sidled closer to Josh as they heard the two powerful men exchange their words. Temma’s arms slid around Josh’s waist and she seemed mesmerized as Josh just stood there staring taking the scenario in mentally.
“Yes, I was, or still partially am.” Sanguin answered honestly the only way he knew how.
“Then you must still die!” Mech raised his arm containing the weapons in it and pointed it at the doctor.
A noise behind everyone made the quartet turn. It was the figure of Auric Keys emerging from a hidden doorway.
“Wait! Don’t kill him, we need to have him join us.”
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