The Vampire Gazette

Chapter 5
"Benefit to us All"

by Chris Lambert

"I thought that was our mission…our HOLY mission." Mech turned slightly towards Keys as he spoke.
"Yes it was," began the billionaire, "but if his potion can do what he says it can, then he can be a benefit to us all."
"How?" Mech's voice was harsh, his arm still straightened in a line with Dr. Sanguin's face, ready to trigger the weapons hidden in his coat sleeve.
"He can prevent the bloodbath that we knew would happen if we approached the problem the old fashioned way."
"No!" Mech's face contorted into rage.
Josh then broke away from Temma's grasp and placed himself near the front door between Sanguin and Mech.
"Look, you two, I'm not in the league that you two are, but I know we can still talk this over."
At that precise moment an arm reached into the room through the doorway and grabbed Josh by the shirt collar, yanking him harshly through the doorway and out into the darkness of the street. His exaltations of pain were heard throughout the room as the sounds of Josh bouncing across the concrete pavement registered with the group.
As the foursome turned almost as one, they saw a large group of men and women milling about in the street. One by one the group in the street turned towards Josh who had begun to stir.
Then one right after another the group in the street opened their mouths, baring their fangs!

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