The Vampire Gazette

Chapter 6
"We Finally Might Have a Team"

by Chris Lambert

The foursome piled out of the newspaper office and into the street. As they did, they saw not only a group of vampires surrounding Josh, but also two large groups advancing on them from two different sides of the street.
"Bring the two sides closer to us," commanded the billionaire.
"Forget that," shouted back Temma, "I'm saving Josh." The young woman realized as she screamed her reply that she had picked up the heavy metal crucifix as she bounded through the doorway with the others. Steeling her nerves she performed a diving tumble into the deadly circle of vampires that surrounded Josh. As the nearest one to her friend approached, she swung the cross like a small baseball bat striking one of the undead squarely in the forehead, toppling him to the ground.
Josh, still trying to pick himself up from the spot on the street, where he had landed lashed out with a kick that halted the dangerous bloodsucker in his tracks. "I could use some help people!"
Auric Keyes stepped into the dangerous circle of the undead and whipped out a large pistol from under his jacket. The nearest vampire laughed.
"You can't stop us with a mere pistol," it snorted. The vampire took a closer look and laughed aloud before continuing, "Especially a plastic one. How is a squirt gun filled with water going to stop us?"
Keyes grimly pointed the child's toy in the face of the walking monster and spoke once before pulling the trigger.
"Because the water's been prayed over, it's Holy."
The undead thing screamed as the spray hit him in the face melting and burning his features away.
Just as that occurred, Mr. Mech lifted his arm and triggered one of the many weapons under his sleeve. Hundreds of tiny wooden darts emitted from his sleeve like machine gun bullets mowing down two out of every three vampires they struck.
Meanwhile, several yards away, Dr. Sanguin, although not as powerful as he had once been, still possessed formidable strength and was putting it to good use as he used a vampire he had grabbed by the arm as a living bolo, knocking down others of his ilk as he flew through the air.
"I think we're still outnumbered," shouted Josh and Temma almost in stereophonic unison.
The billionaire lowered his plastic weapon and looked around. He took a small remote device from his pocket and replied simply.
"I don't believe so. Doctor, you would do well to shield your face and hands."
With that he clicked a button and several huge lights poked themselves out from behind a store front placard above the newspaper office door. They instantly
ignited into bright light. Light that was fueled by ultra-violet tubes that mimicked the rays of the sun, the same sun that cleansed the scourge of vampirism.
After several long moments of death cries from the unholy army around them, Keyes, Sanguin, Mech, Josh and Temma stood mute to the carnage. Another few moments and the billionaire finally spoke.
"I think we all worked rather nicely together. I believe we might finally have the makings of a team, don't you?"
Three of the other four surviving combatants almost as one dropped their jaws and looked upon Mr. Mech as if to find and answer. His only response was a steely gaze.
Keyes looked over his shoulder towards the quartet as he strolled back into the office of the Vampire Gazette.
"You're all coming aren't you? There's work to be done you know."

The End for Now

The members of the Vampire Gazette crew will return in a few months in the new adventure… "SAM'S SOUL"

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