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The Comic Spot

"Adam West/Batman, Cultural Icon"

by Chris Lambert

"Some days, you just can't get rid of a bomb!"
And with that line (among many others) one of the great pop culture icons of the 60s stepped into our lives through the brightly-colored television screen as Batman made his debut on Wednesday, Jan. 12th 1966. And the brilliance of it all was that the programmers gave us an hour show that was split into two half hour shows with a cliff-hanger after the first episode that week. I mean with that move, the birth of that other great line came into being.
"Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!"
The actor, Adam West, passed away over the weekend at the age of 88 after a short illness.
Prior to Batman, actor West played on the Robert Taylor early 60s vehicle, "The Detectives," along with another 60s icon, Mark Goddard, the future Major Don West from "Lost in Space."
He also played the ineffective sheriff in the Three Stooges movie, "The Outlaws is Coming" as well as a stranded space pilot in the weekly sci-fi show, "The Outer Limits." But according to articles at the time, Adam West got the role of Batman (stealing it away from Lyle Waggoner) after producers saw West in the series of chocolate powder drink commercials where West played a suave James Bond, dry humored, secret agent as Captain Quick. This was for the Quick chocolate powder mix.
Then after 3 years as the campy Caped Crusader, came the reality of typecasting and a long, slow, amount of years (the rest of his life actually) of the possibility of being a has-been. But very smartly Adam played up that self deprecating aspect of his career and made a second career of dry comedy, (but without the camp). At the time of his passing, West had been enjoying a long run as the voice of the mayor on "Family Guy."
But now strangely enough, and after all the mall openings together and Comic Book Conventions hosted as a pair, my thoughts wander around to one important question.
"What about Burt Ward?"

My Favorite Panel

by Chris Lambert

Is it that impressive if she can fly?
Yes, there was and still is a comic book devoted to the time of the television show called, "Batman 66" and in this particular installment, I want to produce the cover (as a blown up panel painted by the great Alex Ross. The issue was #2, September 2014.

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