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Volume #11
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The Comic Spot

"Those Cool Cars"

by Chris Lambert

"Some days, you just can't get rid of a bomb!"
Back when I was a very young collector, every super hero seemed to have not only a teen sidekick, but a car named after them. There was the Batmobile, (which had many different versions) the Arrow Car, the car that Green Arrow even had built in ejector seats (long before James Bond's Aston Martin did) and even Spiderman and Superman in the 70s got into the act with the corniest rides known to man.
The villains got into the act also with their own cars. The Joker had a weird bubble-topped JokerMobile, while Catwoman rode around in a sedan that looked like a giant cat stretched out in the leaping position. The car did exactly that too, as their were powerful spring alongside the rear tires which allowed Selina Kyle to jump over chasms, leaving the police and presumably Batman in the dust as well.
Now the Blackhawks had a strange multi-purpose car for all sorts of terrain that they called the Safari Mobile. I guess that they called it that for its tread like look (almost like an open topped tank really) that took them across sand, jungle and down regular streets as well.
One of my favorite heroes were the Challengers of the Unknown and all they had to drive around in was a long topless sedan that gave the Fear Fighters the option of just jumping into the back of the car or riding along on the back of the extended trunk. This made for me as a youngster, a pretty exciting car chase on paper. Believe me!
Of course I would love to speed along in my own car, chasing bad guys and aiding the law, but I'm afraid that the gendarmes would not see it that way and that any time I was going over the speed limit, the police would not be helping me hunt down bad guys, but instead would be flagging me down for going 35 in a 20 mile zone!

My Favorite Panel

by Chris Lambert

What, no Bat seat-belts or Bat airbags?
On page #2, panel #4, (Batman #151, Nov. 1962) the classic Batmobile from the 50s, the one with the big fin and bubble-top and large ramming Bat-Head on the front is seen crashing, throwing the Caped Crusaders out onto the street with Batman's cowl coming loose revealing his secret identity to all onlookers. Such was the problem behind the story, "Batman's New Secret Identity!"
For a kid, what kind of story could be better!

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