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Comic Memories

by Chris Lambert

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
I became interested in Jonah Hex three or four issues after his first appearance. I quickly began enjoying his realistic western adventures, especially since there were no good cowboy comics around by the early-mid 70s. And even after the artists and writers changed on the western title, the high standard of quality was still maintained.
If you read all 92 issues of his own book (as well as his appearances in All Star Western and Weird Western) you will see a whole life story unfold, one that is well worth reading.
It was too bad that his book was transformed into a sci-fi comic called, Hex, for eight or nine issues. Yes, I said sci-fi, something that has to be read to be believed. Although the ending of the Hex comic had a tremendous ending that tied into one of the great Jonah Hex stories, I cannot explain further since I don't want to ruin it for you readers.
But yes, great comic memories!
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