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The Comic Spot

"A Great Christmas Present Book"

by Chris Lambert

Yes, here it is, it's not a comic book but it IS a book that you should read, buy as a holiday gift or generally talk about to your friends and family. It's called, "Cleveland Radio Tales." And I like this book Sooo much that I'm suspending talking about comic books for this one week to tell you about this tremendous book of nostalgia and fine remembrances.
It was written by Mike and Janice Olszewski, the same people who the last few years brought you the Cleveland Television books. And it is the same people (publishers) that brought you the John Lanigan memoirs that I wrote about last issue.
I must tell you some of the amazing things that this book (without giving everything away) contains.
Live exorcisms over the radio waves and on the air, yes you can read about in this book and be blown away by how popular this "ex-vampire" was for such a time in Cleveland.
Or if you'd rather, check out the DJ who performed his show in the nude (yes, there is a picture).
My personal favorite due to my performing Orson Welles' life story in my one-man play of the entertainment genius the last ten years and being friends with his long time cameraman, is the story of a young, pre-Tonite show, Jack Paar, who actually saved Cleveland from the Orson Martian radio Hoax.
It seems he was in the booth eating his lunch on the late shift when Orson's show hit the airwaves, but Jack wasn't paying attention, that is until the phone lines started lighting up. He took it upon himself to cut into the national feed to calm people in Cleveland down, assuring them that everything was alright. But the boss did not like losing part of a national broadcast and was ready to give Jack (the youngest radio announcer at 20 yrs old, in the country at the time) a scolding the next morning. That is until newsman and flashbulbs went off by the dozens as Jack stepped of the elevator the next morning, being hailed as the "Kid who calmed Cleveland." This is a tremendous story.
Of course I can also relate to the stories about the birth of WMMS, the Buzzard, the rise of Matt the Cat, Billy Bass, Jeff and Flash as well as the "Get Down, Dammit" man…Murray Saul. But what about the man who actually took a chance on this start up venture? You would never guess in a million years.
I could go on and on, but I implore you, get this book! I very rarely laugh aloud at a line from a book, but there are many in this new release that will engage you in a lot of fun laughter.

My Favorite Panel

by Chris Lambert

The back of this book is self explanatory. After you have read what I had to say in the above column, this back of book treat will fill in a few more blanks. And after reading the back cover, go buy this book! It's great!

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