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Comic Memories

by Chris Lambert

I have memories of old drugstores and old bookstores from when I was young. One of my favorites was the Ruth's PX bookstore located on the corner of Babbitt Rd. and Euclid Avenue. For a 12-14 year old collector, this store had it all, including me finding my first "Prisoner" (the television show) paperback.
But oh, just to think of the comics located within those walls. Anytime I had a good report card, or it was my birthday or whatever, off to the PX we went. This place always seemed to chock full of great comics and I was always in heaven when I passed through those doors. That is a great comic book memory.

Everything's Batman

by Chris Lambert

There goes the neighborhood Today starts a new feature that is all about my favorite subject…Batman. I have already written many articles about the hero and even a ("My Batman and maybe yours too) book. But in this ongoing feature, I will examine different periods of Batman's life and single issues that I enjoy or remember.
And the cover that I chose for this issue tells pretty much how I feel about Batman (Batman reaching to a magazine dealer begging for a Batman comic) or in other words, if you replace my image with Batman's, that is exactly how I feel. Yes, my life depends on me getting a monthly Batman comic.
Now I chose the comic book image shown here, because that is the first Batman comic I bought myself, after my Dad introduced the character to me and bought me about a year or two's worth. Plus this was the first time I ever knew of, found out about or even realized that there even WAS a Bat-Hound.
This is indeed one the cherished books in my collection…because it was a first.
Just like this feature.

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