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The Comic Spot

"Baseball Season"

by Chris Lambert

Well, this week in Cleveland, Ohio, it is the start of baseball season (yikes, we lost the season opener already) and I'm thinking of all my favorite sports comics over the years and the ones that might relate to super heroes.
The one I picked for this week's cover is the June, 1957 issue of Superboy (#57) showing the Boy of Steel playing, "The One-Man Baseball Team." It seems that young Superboy is heading up a charity event which has him taking on an all-star team of players. But the Smallville Super Wonder spends the entire story showing the many different ways he can put on a show for the spectators, including hitting a baseball around the Earth! The other two stories in the comic magazine should rightfully be put in this sports issue since the tales include, "The Strong Boys of Smallville" and "The Boy of the Year" contest. All three stories in the comic are chock full of athletic and sporting events. Hence, they fit into the "Baseball" theme.
DC comics had a few summer specials in the 70s where the villains and the heroes went at it over baseball and later Olympics. Do I have to tell you who won?
On the other hand, let's look at how powerful a DC super baseball team might be. Superman certainly could be a super slugger at the plate, blasting balls out of the park almost at will. Hawkman, out in the field could certainly reach those high pop ups. Elongated man would be a great center fielder stretching out for those balls that are about to drop in the gap. Firestorm could absolutely burn in those fast balls with plenty of high heat and Batman could easily strategize the moves his team might make as coach and manager. Don't forget the Flash, we all know what a great pinch runner and base stealer he would be!
And if it started to rain, Green Lantern could whip up a all-covering, green-tinted dome to keep the field dry. The position behind the plate takes a real iron man to take all the abuse from foul tips and passed balls in the dirt. Well, DC has those too. Literally Iron, from the Metal Men and if he needs a day off, get Metamorpho, the element man who could easily go "iron" if he wanted.
Well, anyway, this has been my take on the upcoming baseball season ala super heroes.
"Batter up and PLAY BALL!

My Favorite Panel

by Chris Lambert

definitely has a new definition now
Today, my favorite panel (concerning baseball comics and heroes) comes from Brave and Bold #45, "Challenge of the Headless Baseball Team" (Dec.62-Jan. 63) from panel #4, page 3. The entire invisible team is walking out of their spaceship onto the field in a row. It looks very spooky indeed!

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