Tom Provenzale (Gemini)
Location:NE Ohio
E-Mail: ??
Born June 17, 1956, Tom Zale is a cartoonist, musician, song-writer, poet, and silent clown. He grew up in Wickliffe, Ohio, sixties suburbia. Over the years he bas been in countless pop bands.The New Mods, The Mersey Beats, Suitcase, Abbey Road, The Standby's, and Champagne Jello are a few of them.
He started drawing cartoon characters from the time he could first hold a crayon in his hand. At the age of thirteen he made an animated cartoon for a school project. Influenced by newspaper comics and comic books, he has created many characters and concepts over the years, some of which he has published. He briefly had a personalized greeting card business, what he now does for relatives and friends. Making other people laugh is what he does best, and now he can expand his audience on the Inernet.